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Iowa tourist destinations, attractions, B&Bs, hotels, lodging.



Iowa tourist destinations, attractions, B&Bs, hotels, lodging






Odd & Funny Iowa

Iowa State Fair - since 1854 features this event offers the country's largest state fair foods department (approx. 900 classes). The fair starts about 3 weeks before Labor Day

"Inspirationists" of German origin - became famous for their microwave ovens, created in the God-fearing Amana Colonies in eastern Iowa.

Living History Farms - in Urbandale, Iowa is a 550-acre open-air museum

The historic Hotel Pattee invites guests to relax in a setting that celebrates the sights and sounds, the people and memories of small town America

Jesse James staged the world's first robbery of a moving train July 21, 1873, a mile and a half west of Adair, Iowa. - look for the monument there

Bridges of Madison County - from the book to the movie see it live, also nearby is the John Wayne Birthplace Home and Museum.

Iowa's Largest Frying Pan is in Brandon, IA

Iowa tourist destinations hotels, lodging.

Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad - On weekends the train is powered by an authentic steam engine shipped from China to Iowa

World’s Largest Bull.in Audubon -see Albert the Bull, a concrete, anatomically correct thirty footer on East Division Street

Hobo Museum, 51 Main Ave. S., Britt, IA exhibits hobo history, railroad memorabilia and hosts the National Hobo convention, which Britt has hosted since 1900. T

National Motorcycle Museum - About 200 rare and vintage motorcycles dating back to 1903 on display, along with thousands of photos and motorcycle memorabilia. Home of the original Captain America bike from the 1969 movie "Easy Rider." 200 E Main St, Anamosa

The National Farm Toy Museum features over 30,000 toys and exhibits between its two floors - 1110 16th Ave. Ct. SE, Dyersville, Iowa

World's Crookedest Street - Burlington residents maintain that their street, more than 100 years old, is more crooked than the popular Lombard Street in San Francisco

SpookCave (McGregor, IA) Early settlers of Clayton County often referred to the strange noises coming from a hole at the base of the hill along Bloody Run Creek, but it took Gerald Mielke to make the discovery of's handiwork. These beauties are now available to the public. Guided boat tours tell about the discovery and development of the cave. Formations are also pointed out and described. No walking involved; underground, out of the weather - always 47°F.

The World's Largest Truckstop, Iowa 80 Truckstop 755 W. Iowa 80 Rd. I-80, Exit 284 Walcott, IA

The Union Pacific Railroad Museum, 200 Pearl Street, Council Bluffs, Iowa





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